Relaxation 101: How To Be Relaxed

 Posted on December 6, 2016
how to be relaxed

Photo credit: Zach Betten   The driver that cut you off.   The train being delayed.   The train being canceled.   That obnoxious colleague who always makes stupid comments.   The person who is walking slowly in front of you.   I could go on…   There are too many things in the world which have the potential to get us agitated and completely throw our mood off each and every day.   If you are reading this, I take it that you recognise that you are relatively agitated and stressed, and want some help to be more relaxed. … Continue reading Relaxation 101: How To Be Relaxed

Fear 101: How To Overcome Fear

 Posted on November 23, 2016
fear of public speaking

Fear is such a beautifully complex human mechanism which has a significant impact on our lives.   My aim is for us to understand fear to a point where  we can control how fear affects us and not the other way around.   This resource will dive deep down into helping us understand what fear is at the core, and guide us on what we can to overcome this powerful force.   Are you ready for this? This article is 2500 words long… we are going in.   What is fear?   You momentarily freeze.   You feel your heart beat. … Continue reading Fear 101: How To Overcome Fear

3 Questions To Ask Yourself To Tackle Insecurities

 Posted on November 9, 2016

Insecurities suck.   They make you needy, paranoid, self-conscious and fearful – this is not how we want to live life.   Let’s first define what an insecurity is from my perspective:   When your actions and thoughts are evolved around seeking approval from external sources.   At this point in time this for me sums up what an insecurity is; essentially when your fundamental thought process and emotional state is dependent on impressing others.   As a result of this we end up performing actions with the intention of pleasing others instead of ourselves.   There is nothing wrong … Continue reading 3 Questions To Ask Yourself To Tackle Insecurities

How To Handle Situations

 Posted on October 29, 2016
beautiful river

I’m going to keep this short and sweet.   Be like water – let yourself flow.   Have you ever lashed out at someone for no reason because other events annoyed you during the day? Don’t worry, I have too…   The question I asked myself which helped me sort myself out was this: ‘How can I live life being so significantly affected by insignificant events?’   It actually kind of scares just how easily our mindsets can be skewed and how a number of independent and meaningless events which should have no impact on our mental state can build … Continue reading How To Handle Situations