How To Solve Your Problems

 Posted on September 14, 2016

So yesterday I watched a documentary about SAS soldiers who served in Iraq and Afghanistan – my jaw was constantly wide open. They were telling stories of how they were held hostage with a gun to their head, and had a mob outside who literally wanted to tear them apart.   I want you to try something – think about the problems which have been troubling you recently. Thought about them? Good.   Now think about the intense short-term feeling of being completely helpless and at the verge of death, as well as the long-term trauma caused for the rest … Continue reading How To Solve Your Problems

How To Be Positive

 Posted on September 11, 2016

I was feeling a bit down yesterday, because I have not been seeing too many results – I have put my heart and soul into InvincibleMentality, yet have not been too successful in terms of it being where I want it to be (i.e me living off it).   So yeah, I woke up feeling sad and had a straight disappointing look on my face on my way to work, until something happened – I remembered a funny moment I had with my mate.   This gave me a little self-chuckle, and made me realise to myself: ‘why the f*** … Continue reading How To Be Positive

What Direction Should You Take In Life?

 Posted on September 8, 2016
what direction

How do you know what you’re doing is right?   Like, if you’re trying to achieve a certain goal, how do you know you’re going about it the right way?   You never truly know, and that is the most exciting yet fearful part of it. I have spent more money than I’m proud to mention to get InvincibleMentality out there. Have I been incredibly successful? On the surface, no, but behind the scenes I have learnt and incredible amount and have developed a solid foundation which I can use as a tool to still boost my brand and reach … Continue reading What Direction Should You Take In Life?

How One Word Can Change Your Mindset

 Posted on September 8, 2016

I read this yesterday and it blew my mind:   We use the word ‘but’ as an excuse to things such as:   ‘I want to go on holiday BUT I don’t have enough money’ ‘I want to go to the gym BUT I don’t have enough time’   However, switch the sentence around and your mind will be blown…   ‘I don’t have enough money BUT I want to go on holiday’ ‘I don’t have time BUT I I want to go to the gym’   Notice the huge difference?   Suddenly the statement of negativity will become a … Continue reading How One Word Can Change Your Mindset