How To Let Go Of Anger

 Posted on September 3, 2016

This one’s about anger, and letting go.   I once saw a phrase which said ‘anger is like holding on to a hot coal ready to be thrown – it is only hurting yourself’   This is true on so many levels: anger and frustration shape you so negatively in life – it leads to tempered and irrational decisions.   The problem with anger is that it really only harms you; you’re manifesting the interpretation of that event negatively, and you are letting it significantly affect you – try and take a positive side and learn from the event.   … Continue reading How To Let Go Of Anger

Motivation To Keep Going

 Posted on September 1, 2016
motivation to keep going

Do you have those moments when you come up with an amazing business idea, get really excited with your mate about it, then don’t pursue it?   This almost happened to me yesterday; I have a clothing brand idea which I think is sick, told my mate about it who also thinks it’s sick, but then was about to put it at the back of my mind as I had work and commitments and stuff.   It wasn’t until late at night when I took a step back and remembered what my end goals is: own my own business, inspire … Continue reading Motivation To Keep Going

How To Make Better Decisions

 Posted on August 27, 2016

Dogs are cute, right?   I love a cute chubby dog who I can just snuggle up with (don’t judge).   But why aren’t they running the world? Why are they slaves to humans?   Because dogs do not have this superpower which humans do:   When a dog enters a room, he knows that he is in the room, but he doesn’t know that he knows that he is in the room – the dog cannot think about his thinking – that’s where humans stand out.   We can take a step back and analyse our thought process and … Continue reading How To Make Better Decisions

The Fear Of Being Alone

 Posted on August 24, 2016

This post was inspired by Charisma On Command   The fear of being lonely is something which has scared me for years – I really did not know the extent of it until I was truly on my own a few months ago.   I was so dependent on my friends and my relationship that deep inside I became scared of not having them anymore – this bred all sorts of insecurities and resulted in me always seeking approval from them.   Now I’ve come to realise that it really is important to be comfortable and happy as you are … Continue reading The Fear Of Being Alone