Why the 30g Protein Per Serving Is Rubbish


I’ve been getting asked this a lot, because the new ‘attack’ on protein is that ‘oh, you can only digest 30g at a time, so you should eat 5-6 meals a days blah blah blah’.

From the reasearch that I have done, protein tends to be absorbed at a maximum rate of 10g/hr. Now, this implies that even 30g is too much..
your bodies are able to store the excess protein when needed.

I like to speak from experienes of myself and others, as well as a little bit of logic..

Think about this:
You are a caveman. You have not caught anything for over 24 hours. Finally you and your crew kill a bull or lion or some shit.

Do you think that you would stop when you got your 30g protein because your body could not absorb it? NO. You would devour it.

Now obvsiouly we’re not cavemen, or have lived back then, but our bodies are still very similar.
It only makes sense that our bodies will attempt to preserve as much protein as possible and use it when necessary instead of simply flushing it out.
Our bodies are designed to live in scarcity – your body is not wasteful.

That being said, I don’t think it would be wise to consume your whole consumption of protein in one sitting, as it would be likely that then you may be consuming too much for your body to handle, and this may increase the amount wasted.

What’s important is to ensure that your daily protein consumption is sufficent. As long as on aggregate you are consuming your recommeded amount (Find it here) you will be fine.

Oh, and be sure to have some protein after your workout, just to make sure that all your gym efforts are definitely rewarded with gains.


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