3 Ways To Stop Yourself From Giving Up


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Did you really want to give up your goal? I know deep inside you wanted to achieve it, because achieving is the best feeling in the world.


Let me teach you the 3 ways at how I stay consistent to achieve my goals:


1. Set manageable daily targets


This is the main reason I don’t give up – my daily goals are so easy to achieve. 


Currently, I am trying to eat more vegetables. Do you know what challenge I set myself? Eat half a stick of celery a day.


I mean who can’t suck it up and eat half a stick of celery? It’s like 3 bites… it would honestly be pitiful for me to fail this goal.


I think that is where a lot of us go wrong: we set ourselves incredibly hard targets which are easy to fail – STOP THIS. Instead, pick a daily challenge so easy to do which you can slowly build up on.


2. Forgive yourself when you mess up


No one is perfect. There are multiple occasions when I have been trying to lose weight and binged 4,000 calories in one go… but I forgave myself and moved on. 


A lot of us use this as an excuse to give up when in fact it should be nothing to worry about.




This should not really happen too often if you are following step 1, as your goal should be so easy that it is simply embarrassing to fail.


3. Tell the whole world what your goals are


I have told everyone that I am going to make this blog a success and have told all my mates that I will deadlift 220kg, squat 180kg, and bench 140kg. Now I have no choice but to make it happen.


Telling people helps you feel accountable; you will feel a little bit determined to achieve your goals as you will feel as though you are not just failing yourself, but your loved ones too.


Also, write them down. When stuff gets written down it becomes official. That’s why written contracts are more important than a verbal agreement. Create proof and evidence what you say you are going to achieve.



BONUS: Do not lie to yourself


I truly do not understand why people make excuses; what is the point in lying to yourself about why you could not achieve a goal? It is not because of genetics, or natural talent; you are always able to become a better version of yourself. Fact.


Instead of making excuses, write down why you failed and what you can do to fix it. It may just be spending 1 minute of stretching to try and touch your toes, or sacrificing 5 mins to learn a new language.


Great success stories do not go like ‘I attempted to succeed, failed, then gave up like a bitch’… they go like ‘I attempted to succeed, failed, then stopped being a bitch and tried again.’




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