How To Achieve Your Goals

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I have probably mentioned this before, but it needs another mention:


“Walking a marathon is better than sprinting half way”

– Michael Tawiah


Yes, I put my own quote in here because I honestly believe it has so much importance.


It does not matter how fast you’re working to your goal if you’re not going to reach it. However, our want to see instant results encourages us to give it too much too soon.


The issue with going all in straight away is that it is powered by motivation –  a limited source.


This motivation temporarily boosts our willpower to commit 100% for a while, then soon quickly fades; we do have days when we don’t want to do anything, or we get distracted with other things etc – it is these days when people tend to give up.


Going in 100% all the time is also such a huge time commitment and a huge sacrifice. As a result, you slowly start to regret the thing which you are meant to be enjoying – we do not want this.


Instead, what I propose is the opposite: start off doing something so ridiculously easy that it will actually be shameful to not do it each day.


As I mention in my book ‘The Ultimate Guide To Getting Lean‘, if your goal is to try and lose weight, start by eating 1 less bite of 1 meal… that’s it.


Results are a result of effort applied consistently, and not maximum effort in one.


At first, your results may not be considerate, however, you will have built up that routine and discipline which will now be able to pull you through those days when your motivation is down.


The best part about taking it slow is you ending up falling in love with the process; instead of resenting the amount of time it is taking out of your life you start to fall in love with the progression.


It will get to a point where providing  the motivation, ambition, and discipline will be effortless.


If you are truly serious about achieving your long term goals I encourage you to not try too hard at the start – ironically that is what tends to make you fail.


Instead, do this:


Set yourself a daily goal which is so simple and ridiculously easy to do.


For me and InvincibleMentality, my daily is goal is to write part of an article a day… not even a whole article, just part –  I have a lot going on in my life, and setting the goal to write a whole article every day is often too much; it leads to me just not writing at all.


As long as you keep on making that step each day in the right direction, no matter how small, you are on the path to success.




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