How To Balance Fitness and Fast Food

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Here is a controversial fitness topic that many spend countless internet hours arguing over – can you eat fast food and still look good.


Now there are two routes we can go down here: the ‘perfect fitness’ route, or the ‘realistic’ route.


The ‘perfect fitness’ answer is NO.
I see ‘perfect fitness’ as what we believe fitness to be – 100% dedication and sacrifice.
Fast foods are pumped full of shit and hormones which makes the foods become so unnatural that our bodies do not know how to handle the foods – this results in fat storage and potentially all other sorts of other illnesses and diseases.
So it goes without saying that if you are trying to get into shape then it is wise that you avoid these things – and any fitness magazine will tell you exactly the same thing.




We do not live in an ideal world… sometimes I just really want a McDonanld’s, so I will occasionally have it – and I enjoy every single bite of it.


Now I’m in no way saying that McDonald’s is healthy, or that McDonald’s is good for fitness at all.. however we do not need to sacrifice fast food completely to stay in shape.
You do not need to be 100% dedicated all the time.. Getting 80% of the results is fine if it allows you to still enjoy your life.


Obviously if you are going 7 days a week then you need to seriously consider sorting this out, and work on going less – as fast food in most cases is so full or just shit which will lead to bad things happening to your body on the inside.


Keep in mind that one of the factors that make fast food so unfavourable for keeping in shape is that it is just full of calories which do not even fill you up – so if you are struggling to maintain your caloric deficit then I would strongly advise to stay away completely from fast food.


I probably indulge in McDonald’s and such once a week, but I am bulking at the moment so I have plenty of space in my calories to fit in the wonderful yummy shit.


It would definitely be better if I had some lean protein, some healthy fats, and some rice, but simple pushing fast food out of my life completely will result in me being more resentful at wanting to stay fit, and may result in me relapsing more severely.


Fast food is the only way to look good! – lol jk no, but you can still indulge in it occasionally if you feel that it will help keep you on the right track and stay motivated for the rest of the time when you are not stuffing your face with shit.




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