How To Stop Giving Up

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My life is not perfect.


Sure I may have a good job, and am helping you guys out there which is the best thing ever – but sometimes I just want to procrastinate.


How do you keep yourself on track?


Now this answer may suck, but you have to do something which will keep you disciplined.
When you are mentally feeling demotivated, you have to pull something together which will push you in the right direction.


For example, on writing this little post I was going to just postpone it and carry on watching my Kevin Hart videos… however, I knew that it would only lead to a downwards spiral of procrastination.


Doing that little bit of practice each day teaches our brain to get accustomed to the process and get used to it, eventually helping it become a routine – the more you do positive shit the easier it gets to do positive things.


You don’t have to be on full throttle 24/7. Just get up and take one little step on your journey which will help you get that one little big closer to your goal, and make taking the other steps so much easier.




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