5 Food Which Will Stop You Being Hungry


When you are trying to lose weight the worst thing in the world is being hungry after dinner with no calories left.

If you are remotely similar to me then you will quickly give up your pursuit of a better body and cram a load of food down your face calling it a cheat day…


Preferably we do not want this to happen, so I have created a list of 5 items which help me fight the hunger without (as much) pain.


These items are ideally used to help you eat fewer calories earlier in the day, in order to let you eat normally later in the day (i.e. basically intermittent fasting)


1. Porridge

This saved my life. You can have a massive bowl of this which will only set you back about 250 calories (60g porridge with water and 2 teaspoons sugar). Whenever I eat a bit too many calories earlier on in the day, filling up with some of this is a perfect way to end the day without physically and mentally dying. Use water to reduce calories further; it actually tastes pretty good with some sugar/jam/honey/maple syrup.


Have porridge in the morning instead of a donut or some other sweet and sugary snack that you would otherwise have had.

This will help you kill two birds with one stone – you will not be getting a sugar crash from your breakfast, and you will stay full for longer!


2. Chewing Gum


For a while gum just makes my hunger go away, and then after a while it gives me a weird feeling of hunger which is bearable. I really don’t know how to explain it, but when I do not eat breakfast it helps change that feeling of unbearable hunger to one that is controllable. Also, it helps make my breath taste good, and eating after chewing gum never really tastes nice, so chewing on some encourages me to not eat for that little bit longer.


3. Sparkling Water


There are some controversial opinions on sparkling water; some say it acts like fizzy drinks and erodes your teeth and damages your stomach whilst others say there is not harm.
I will have to leave this one up to you, but I have found that again it tricks my belly into feeling satisfied, allowing me to wait longer before I eat a feast later on.
If you’re worried about your teeth, just use a straw.


4. Warm Drinks


I was going to limit this to just coffee, then I realized that hot drinks in general are great tools to help keep me full; this is likely due to them helping me keep occupied for about 30 mins at a time. I am surprised that I cannot find articles on this, as it has played a huge part in helping me get through the morning and get a good fast going.

Coffee is the best of the hot drinks to achieve this for me, as the caffeine gives me a little extra boost of energy which enables me to not be tempted to other energy sources from sugary foods.


5. Lean Protein and Vegetables

If all else fails, think about increasing your protein and vegetable uptake throughout the day. Foods like tuna, eggs and steal fill you up quite extremely well for the amount of calories they have. For example, it takes 5 eggs or 700g of frozen vegetables to get the same amount of calories as a large donut.


Now I am no doctor or nutritionist, but it is safe to say that eating less sugary carbs is a wise choice. A large factor that determines satisfaction from a meal is the amount of time it takes to eat it; as vegetables and proteins tend to take longer to eat, you will end up being more satisfied from your meal then if you were to eat the same calories from processed carbs.


So there you have it, the 5 items I use to help me eat less without it feeling as much of a burden. I highly suggest you try intermittent fasting as it did wonders for me to help reduce my calories and help me get ripped. Check out my guide here.




Got any questions? Ask me at mike@unigains.com or @unigains on Twitter!

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