How To Achieve Your Goals

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A lot of you out there have goals and aspirations which you want to achieve, but you just can’t be bothered to do it.


For years I have wanted to help others get into fitness and help them develop their bodies and minds… but I was just too lazy and made excuses.


How do we stop this and start being productive?


Well, what we need to do is start developing positive habits.
Habits are basically your brain’s ‘default’ mode; they are the things you just do without even realising.


Your brain acts similar to your body – the more you practise something the easier it gets.
Therefore the way to start doing positive things is to practice at them.


Unfortunately, developing positive habits takes a tonne of willpower… and we have a limited amount… great…


So how do I develop these habits successfully?


I am not an advocate for going cold-turkey; it always results in me rebounding. My logical answer as to why is because going cold turkey requires a lot of willpower for a significant amount of time before it becomes a habit – a lot of us will not be able to handle this and will give up before reaching the ‘habit’ stage.


Going cold turkey also often leaves us feeling resentful too; suddenly giving up things which have been mentally ingrained in you for so long is pretty hard to give up.


Of course I’m not saying it’s impossible; many people quit smoking and drinking in this manner. However I have found that when it comes to fitness and building new habits, the people who decide to start eating healthy, stop eating junk food, and start exercising everyday are the ones who fail.


Instead, taking things slowly and steadily requires only a little bit of willpower each time, allowing you to stay consistent. Also, constantly achieving little goals feel really good, which will help motivate you to stay on track.


So instead of trying to reduce your calories by 1000 instantly, try and eat one less bit of that croissant you buy each morning, or put half a teaspoon less of sugar in your coffee – you can easily do that.


Before you know it you will be achieving your goals without it feeling like a burden, and you will learn to love the process.


So what are you waiting for? Bin that last bit of that donut and start making some progress!




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