Tips To Stay Consistent With Your Diet

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Our bodies are bitches.


In an ideal world, we would be able to control our metabolism to decide how many calories you wanted to eat that day, so you could eat as much as you like… but no; our bodies have to be cruel and give us ridiculously low metabolisms (for me anyway) making it stupidly hard to lose weight.


Unfortunately, this is how life works, and we have to find ways to overcome it.
I will share with you the ways which have helped me lose weight.


1. Don’t Buy Crap Food!


This is good for two reasons:

Healthier foods (veg, meat, fish etc.) are generally more filling and satisfying, meaning you need to eat less of it to feel full than with a higher carb meal. This will help you eat less calories without feeling as hungry.

Secondly, if you don’t buy rubbish food you will not eat them in the first place! As soon as I started living by myself I just stopped buying all the sweets and snacks which were in my house; whenever I had cravings I had absolutely nothing to eat, so I ended up having to try and binge eat carrots… I think it’s safe to say that this is a much better option than chocolate.




The best way that I have found is to track my calories. I know it sounds like a bit of a chore, but trust me it really lets you plan your day on what you want to eat and how you could spread this out to not suffer as much.


When I mean track everything, I mean it. Track sauce, oil, mayo, butter, even that bite of your colleague’s sandwich that you have each morning. TRACK IT.


I was not losing weight simply because of oil; a tablespoon of oil has 100 calories.  3 of these each day led to me not losing weight – beware and plan in advance.
Also, track your weight each week. This will let you see how you are progressing, and adjust your calories if you are not losing weight. You should be losing about 1 pound of fat a week.


3. Find a diet that works for you


For most people, going on a strict diet will not work – it just makes us resent the diet. That’s bad. What we want instead is a diet which we don’t mind; one where we can squeeze our favourite foods in there – obviously not in the same quantity.

The way that worked wonders for me is intermittent fasting, which meant I didn’t eat breakfast and ate more at dinner – find out more here.

Also, I prefer gradually decreases in my calorie intake instead of sudden changes;  after a while I will rebound and everything will become a disaster.


Whatever you do, just remember that to lose weight you just have to eat less. You don’t have to go on a lemon juice diet, or fast, or stop eating fats (a big no no), you just have to eat a little less each meal, stop drinking calories, and stop eating that donut.


4. 5 Items To Help Keep Hunger At Bay

Just keep everything simple and straightforward; it doesn’t matter what chain of amino acids you have, or whether the glycaemic load of that carb is 2 points too high, just find a way to eat less food without being ridiculous so you can maintain it and make some steady and consistent progress.




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