How To Be Proud Of Your Body

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In the world we live in we are always comparing ourselves to someone else; it may be your ex’s new partner, your childhood friend, or just some random guy who you walk past each day who you decided is your rival (or is that just me…)

For some reason we seem to always want to be better than someone else, and a lot of the time this is detrimental to ourselves progressing.
If you look at any fitness magazine, you will see these amazing bodies which we can only dream of getting – for most of us this is enough to stop us trying in the first place.

…Wait a sec… Why?

Just because Chris Evans is a beautiful human being with an outstanding body does not mean that we can’t get a better body than we already have.
It kind of shocks me sometimes how people believe that just because they think that they could never look like a Greek God means that they have to look like a slob and be completely dissatisfied with their looks…

I am miles away from looking like a model; I do not have enough muscle mass and my body fat percentage is too high… but it doesn’t mean I should just give up.

Compared to my former self I look like a god (#modest) and that is all that matters.

Fitness is about yourself; it’s about you becoming better than you. When you start to realize and understand that concept you will really allow yourself to steadily progress and improve, enabling you to become proud of the body you have earnt – there is nothing more satisfying than that.

I am not going to lie to you, I compare myself to almost everyone all the time – and it’s not good. For some reason I judge people a lot and it’s a major flaw that I have (unless you want some coaching).

However, when it comes to fitness I am able to focus on me. Each workout I focus on my goals and what I need to do to end my day that little bit more successful than yesterday – that’s what makes me happy.

Ultimately, you can look as good as you like, but if you’re constantly comparing your body to others you will never be proud of it

Realise the battle is against yourself, and go out and improve on yourself each day.
Doing so will make you confident, proud, and excited about life – and that’s ultimately what we want to achieve – right?

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