How to start your fitness journey


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When it comes to fitness, people seem to have an all or nothing approach; either you go to the gym excessively or you don’t go at all, or you either eat amazingly healthy each day or you eat shit…


Where did this come from?


If you want to get in to shape you don’t have to dedicate your whole life and soul to it… all you have to do is something which will make you fitter and healthier than you were before.


Here is a typical situation:


Joe Bloggs is quite an unhealthy, overweight guy who would love to be able to go out and run for an hour without collapsing half-way through.
However, Joe Bloggs is extremely busy; he works a 40 hour week and has 3 wonderful kids who he has to look after.
Joe thinks that because he doesn’t have the time to run 5 days a week there is no point trying at all, and so chucks that idea of getting into shape to the back of his mind and continues being unhappy with his body.




On a Wednesday evening Joe drops his kids off at karate, and normally just sits for an hour in the seating area watching Sky Go.
Now, in this time Joe could go for a 5 minute walk (episodes are normally 40 minutes long anyway), but Joe still doesn’t do this because he thinks it’s pointless; 5 minutes is not enough to make a difference, right?




When it comes to fitness, every little helps. 5 minutes of walking each week is 3 hours of exercise a year more than you would have done previously.
This may still seem miniscule, but when this accumulates over a few years it can make a huge difference.


Fitness is all about long-term consistency; why go all out and fail when you can just take it slow and make steady and consistent progression?


Another important point is the change in your mentality; making a conscious effort to go out and do some exercise does wonders to your mindset.
When Joe goes out for this walk, he feels good because he did something that will make him healthier. As a result he subconsciously becomes a bit more aware of what he eats, and puts slightly less on his plate. After a few weeks he notices that when he is playing with his kids he does not get tired as quickly, and work collegues are starting to give him complements!


Joe is now embracing his walks; he actaully wants to go on them – heck sometimes he actaully feels like running!


This is the sort of progression that can happen to you. Your body will thank you for every good thing you do to it; I’m not saying this is going to make you look like Thor, but it will definitely  lead to you being that little bit prouder about yourself.


So what are you waiting for!? The park is just round the corner!



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