My Journey Learning To Handstand


Before we start, I want to let you know that I held that crappy handstand for about a second…


Why am I telling you this? Well, nowadays when we look online all we see is perfect people with perfect bodies doing amazing things.


However all you’re seeing is the amazing palace once it’s fully built, and not the insane amounts of hours, struggles, and hard work needed to make the masterpiece.


I want to be completely real with you guys and want to show you what to expect on your journey to becoming a beast.


At the moment I’m learning to handstand, and I suck at them. I can bench press 100kg and deadlift 220kg, but cannot hold a simple handstand -_-


Currently I am managing to hold it in 1-second bursts. What I’m going to say sounds pathetic but I am scared to commit to it… When my legs are getting close to the position which they should be in I feel like I’m going to fall so I don’t get upright enough.


I think I have the strength to do it – I can shoulder press 70kg and do handstand pushups against a wall – I just need to overcome it mentally and get the technique right. I’ve also noticed that it kills my wrists so I definitely need to work on their flexibility.


The journey is long, but I love the process! Every workout I know that I am getting that little bit better and becoming that little bit more of a beast.


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