The Best Lesson To Learn From Matty Fusaro

matty fusaro



Matty Fusaro is one of my inspirations.


Since I started watching the Youtube scene, Matty Fusaro has been one of the guys that has stood out from the rest.


Matty has been in the fitness influencer industry for a long time, and he knows his stuff… 


He has around 900 fitness videos on a range of things, such as workout videos, nutritional/cooking guides, stretching and detailed anatomy videos.


In fact, go check him out if you haven’t already here – do it now. You will thank me later.


What I want to talk about in this article is more about what I have personally gained from Matty Fusaro, and its slightly different to what you might expect…




Anyone can talk about fitness.


Anyone can talk about working out.


Anyone can talk about nutrition.


But the thing that really Matty really does to inspire me is how he approaches scenarios.


Matty carries a very composed attitude – you can see that he is mentally settled.


This allows him to handle tough situations well, without losing control of his emotions and acting irrationally.


This is such a powerful tool which I strive to aim towards. Having the ability to be aware of your thoughts and actions, in my opinion, are the 2 most powerful elements to carry. It allows you to process your thoughts well, almost as if you’re conversing with someone else, which in turn helps you stay level-headed and aware.


What I have started doing recently to help with this mental awareness is meditating.


As soon as I wake up I sit upright in my bed, and for 15 minutes I just relax and focus on breathing in and out.


When my mind wanders, which is does a lot, I just bring it back on track and focus on my breathing.


Sometimes I think about my ideal day I would like to have; being composed and calm in situations faced, and handling them in a relaxed and rational manner.


Controlling your emotions is one of the most powerful tools you can have.


Matty taught me this. Let him inspire you too.



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