The Most Important Message To Learn From Brandon Carter


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For those who do not know, Brandon Carter is BEAST. He is a best-selling author on Amazon, has almost 500,000 subscribers on Youtube, 1.5 million fans on Facebook, and is founder and co-owner of BroLaboratories… so yeah, he is a legend.


Brandon Carter had a tough upbringing – he lived in a rough neighborhood, got into fights, had to work two jobs, and failed at becoming a musician after getting signed…


For most of us that would have been the sign that we are not destined to achieve great things, and would have just settled for a typical average 9 to 5 lifestyle, but not Brandon; he pursued fitness and a career in modelling and personal training, before taking over the internet by storm with informative videos on training, workout routines, calisthenics and how to achieve your dream physique.


Big Brandon Carter (BBC) has been a huge inspiration to me and helped me develop the physique I currently have (still a work in progress!). He also introduced me to intermittent fasting, which has worked wonders for me for both getting lean and building muscle.


However, the most important thing that I have learnt from BBC is nothing to do with what specific workouts to do, or exactly what to eat. Instead, he taught me this:


Fitness helps develop an invincible mentality


Brandon Carter


If you have read my about me page, you will know that I feel invincible thanks to fitness. I honestly feel that I can achieve anything I set my mind to, and Brandon Carter helped me realise this; fitness is not just about looking good or being able to lift heavy shit, but it is also about defining your character and turning yourself into the man you want to be.


I got 8A*s and 2A’s at GCSE, 2A*S and 2A’s and A level, and received offers from the best universities in the UK – I thank this all to fitness.


From 14, fitness has played a key part in my life; it not only gave me confidence as I looked way better, but it helped me realise that seemingly huge challenges were achievable if you are able to break that huge goal down and slowly progressing towards reaching it.


I know what most of you are going to say: ‘Mike, I know that I can achieve something if I REALLY wanted to’ – yes, when you are sitting on your ass it is easy to talk about ‘what ifs’, but it is a hell of a lot harder to actually go about and do it; this is why so many people out there just sit on their asses, moan, talk shit, and carry on living their average life.


Fitness helps you actively learn to achieve these goals. When I first got into fitness I wanted to do a one-armed pushup. At the time I could only do 6 normal pushups… However after a week I could do 8 pushups, and about a month or so later I was able to do decline pushups – this progression felt SO GOOD, and gave me an ‘OH SHIT, if I carry on like this I can actually do a one-arm pushup!’ moment. Eventually, I did a one-arm pushup, and I felt like a god.


It was at this moment where I knew I could achieve anything I set my mind to, and it is why I was able to tell my friends at the start of my A levels that I was going to get 2A*s and 2A’s, 2 years before my exams; I was so confident in myself and my abilities to work hard and stay disciplined that I knew I was going to do well – I honestly thank this all to fitness, and the confidence it gave in myself to be able to progress and achieve results.


Brandon Carter gives an amazing talk about building self-confidence and courage in this 30-minute seminar here.


I believe that success, happiness, and true satisfaction in life is achieved through progression. Setting yourself targets, progressing towards them, and achieving them is so satisfying, however, it is a mindset which has to be developed over time.


For me, fitness is the purest form of self-progression, and it is has been key for me in realising my potential and giving myself the discipline and motivation to be successful in achieving not only fitness goals, but life goals too.




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