The Supplements You Need To Build Muscle

So for some odd reason whenever people get into fitness one of the first things that comes across their mind is ‘what supplements should I take!?’

Now, this always surprises me, because look at the name… supplement.
Supplements are meant to supplement your training… it does not mean you can’t get bigger and stronger without them.

I’m honestly so impressed with how the media and fitness industry have managed to make so many of us believe that to get a good physique you need protein shakes, creatine, pre-workout, BCAAs, and all this other stuff… but the reality is that you don’t.

Check my stats on the ‘About Mike’ page – no supplements were used apart from whey protein (which I don’t really consider a supplement).

I like to think of it like the old 80/20 rule – you can get 80% of the results with 20% of the resources.
But when it comes to supplements, I think it’s more like 95/5… sure supplements may help your progress slightly quicker and help you get that extra 5% of results, but in most instances (especially for you students out there) it may not be worth the money and effort.

And remember, supplements don’t do shit if you’re not doing the basics correctly; you have to be eating right, getting enough sleep, and working out effectively and consistently for supplements to help maximize results.

Personally, I wouldn’t bother with supplements, as I see no point in spending extra money and time buying and preparing all these things when it will only bring me slightly better results.

The only exception to this is protein shakes. I find these helpful as they are actually one of the cheapest sources of protein (a necessary macronutrient to building muscle), and therefore it only makes sense to help boost up your protein intake with them if you are struggling to get it through normal food.
That being said, I always try to get my protein intake from proper food first, before resorting to protein shakes to top it off if need be.

So yeah, instead of thinking that you need supplements to make gains, you should be thinking about the hard-work, consistency, and discipline it takes to build the physique of your dreams.

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