How To Overcome Insecurities

Deep dark forest

Below is a list of all of my insecurities and fears…


-I feel I’m not big enough

-I’m scared that people don’t like me

-I’m scared of being mediocre

-Sometimes I feel I’m not attractive

-I’m scared about what will happen if I quit my job to pursue a career transforming lives

-I feel people judge me

-I’m scared that I will struggle to succeed in life because of my skin colour

-I’m scared that people talk behind my back

-I’m scared that when I get married I won’t be able to stay faithful

-I’m scared of talking to a random person in case they don’t want to talk to me


-I’m scared of quitting my job then not being able to make enough money

-I’m scared that all this time and financial investment in UNIGAINS may not pay off, and I’m just wasting time

-I’m scared that I will regret not spending more time partying and having fun at a younger age

-I’m scared that I won’t have sex for a year

-I feel as though I am not hot enough to have a mega-hot girl

-I feel like sometimes I don’t have what it takes to be in the 1% of people who live amazing lives.


There you have it.


I am not perfect. These are the thoughts that run through my head every single day.


However, trying to hide them away in a deep dark corner in my brain is not going to do any good, it will just stay there and subconsciously take over my life like it has been for years.


If you want to develop yourself in life you have to learn to be honest and open with yourself, even if it means coming across vulnerable sometimes (such as I am now).


When you learn to be truly honest with yourself, you can start embracing and understanding your self-limiting beliefs, and finding ways to overcome them.



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