Smart Trick To Lose Weight


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Losing weight is simply a matter of eating less – so why is it so fucking hard!?


I believe that psychology plays a huge part in this – if you have created the right mental mindset regarding losing weight it is so much easier.


Now the trick below is not a sure-fire method; if you want one of those then check out my post here.


So behold, the simple method you need to try if you’re struggling to lose weight:


Write out everything you eat


Simple as that.


At the end of each day, get out a notepad and track every little bite that you had to eat that day, show it to your loved ones, then answer the following questions:


“Am I happy with what I ate, and why?”


“What is one thing I could change to my diet to make myself that little bit healthier?”


Why will this work?


1) Knowing that you are going to write out everything you eat makes you stay conscious about your food choices each day – will you still buy that donut on your way to work?


2) Sharing your goals with your family and loved ones makes your targets a reality; having multiple people aware of my goals has helped me stay focused and be more willing to achieve them.


3) Reviewing your progress at the end of the day will allow you to recognise and contemplate what you have eaten that day, and help you make decisive choices on what you can improve upon.


When reviewing what you have eaten, focus on making swaps instead of simply cutting things out; this will allow you to still feel full whilst making progress. When you start to eat more healthily, you will naturally start to eat less as the composition and content of healthier foods are generally more filling.


Focus on making one swap/change once every 3 days.



We are not here to lose 10 pounds in 3 weeks then gain it all back… we are here to make steady, consistent progress, which will make us feel healthier and happier about ourselves.


Give it a try! I would love to see how you get on.




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