Your Complete Step-By-Step Guide to Fitness Success


If you have landed on this page then you are a lucky, lucky person… let me tell you why:

I feel nice today, really nice, and I have decided to detail to you step-by-step how to plan your fitness journey right from the very start – I’m going to tell you how to develop the correct mindset, set effective goals, and actually go out and achieving them effortlessly…


Honestly, what I’m about to give you here could have been made into an ebook and sold for $20, but I will lay it out all for you right now out of the goodness of my heart, and my desire to transform your life.


Think I cannot possibly be more generous than that? Keep reading.


If you have been having a rollercoaster ride with fitness and have not seen results, then this is the guide for you.


So are you prepared to finally get into shape? Bookmark this page and share it with your loved ones so they can get their act together too.


STEP 1: The Mindset


We are not here to work hard for 2 weeks then give up… you are in it for the long term – for life.

The commitment you are going to make right now is bigger than marriage, this is going to define you in ways unimaginable.


The main thing that you have to get into your mind is that you cannot get up and run 100 miles.


Imagine your goal is to walk/run 100 miles. Are you really going to try and sprint it? No… you are going to pace yourself, and focus on one step at a time.

The same applies with achieving the body you want; do you really think that going on a crash diet and trying to achieve it in two years is feasible? NO… It takes years, and you are going to have to pace yourself.


Now I bet half of you are thinking of closing this page and going about your normal life as it’s just not worth it – “what is the point in putting in so much effort into something that may take months before I see the slightest results?”

Well, the beauty is that it can be so effortless – most of you can walk a mile so easily – right? In just over 3 months your 100 mile goal is achieved without breaking a sweat.

On the other hand, if you tried to run 10 miles each day it will seem like the worst thing in the world and even I would go ‘fuck it, not worth it’.


Look, I know you would love to have a better body than you do right now… who doesn’t want to be a little bit leaner, be a bit more muscular/toned, and just be able to do more shit without being tired?

All you have to think about now is whether you want to try ridiculously hard and try and achieve it quickly (crashing and burning miserably), or taking the effortless route and achieving your goal later down the line without even realising… it’s a no-brainer.


So now we have our steady and consistent mindset in place – good; now let’s move on to goals.


Step 2 – Goals… and forgetting about them.


People over emphasise the importance of specific goals; for fitness, I actually think that they can be detrimental.


Fitness is a journey which takes time, and constantly reminding yourself of a goal so far away which seems so impossible can be the most demotivating thing ever.

Also, with fitness you do not really know how long it takes to achieve specific goals, and whether the goals actually make sense.

A lot of the time people who want to be leaner only focus on the weight aspect, without realising that sometimes losing weight will not actually make always look better.


Over-focusing on specific goals may not be the best course of action.


I would love to bench 140kg; but I am only at 105kg, which is ages away – setting a goal to bench 140kg by the end of the year will lead to me failing it miserably and becoming demotivated.

Instead, I just focus on being consistent in the gym and increasing my weight.


So what should I do?


Set yourself an ideal goal – for me it is benching 140kg, squatting 180kg, and deadlifting 220kg.
This goal should stay at the back of your mind and you should rarely think about it; you are ages away – it is probably not going to happen anytime soon.

The main point of your goals is to know the direction you want to head in – there is no point in losing weight when you actually want to get stronger.


Now it’s time to be a little more specific about what we actually need to achieve, and the steps we need to take to achieve it – I like to call these action plans.

In reality, the action plans are still very simple…


  • Getting Leaner: Decreasing weight and maintaining strength levels
  • Building Muscle and getting stronger: Increasing weight and increasing strength levels


Now you want to go slightly more detailed when you have your general action plan, and develop action points – these are things you want to be achieving on a daily basis.


The main focus should be on consistency.


For example, a good action point is going to the gym 5 days a week, eating a certain amount of calories, or taking one less bite of that donut every day; it should be something that you can track and measure. We will touch on this more in the next section…


Need help creating long-term goals, action plans, and action points? Email me at and I will help you out for free –  I’m feeling really nice… don’t miss out.


STEP 3 – Implementation


Okay, by now you should have a rough understanding of what you would generally like to achieve, and the direction you want to be heading in.


It is now time to implement this – this is where most of us fail… but not today.


I’m going to plan out two routes – one for losing weight and one for building muscle, which you can implement right now to start seeing some results.

You know what? I’m feeling so nice that I will give you free weekly reviews for a month if you email me your progress on a daily basis – Email me your progress at


Losing weight


First of all, measure your weight. Email me it.


For the first week, all I want you to do is log everything you eat (see, I told you this will be easy!)
Just track every single bite you eat on your phone, then look at it before you go to bed and ask yourself one question – am I happy with what I ate?


Email me what you ate each day and how you feel.


At the end of the week, measure your weight again. Email me it.


It is fine if you don’t lose any weight, I don’t expect you too. The reason for this task is to build up your character and consistency.

There is also another reason – and I will talk to you about it at the end of the first week.


Now carry on writing down what you eat each day, but identify one thing that you would like to change. This should be so small that it takes no willpower whatsoever.

An example of this is literally eating a bite less of the muffin you eat each day with your coffee, or swapping one chocolate bar for a piece of fruit.

Exercise-wise, it could be doing just one set of wall pushups a day – just one set.


Focus on one thing each week, and watch as you slowly and effortlessly accumulate momentum and willpower.


I want you to do this for 3 weeks. That’s 3 different small tiny changes.


Every day I want you to email me how you feel your day went, and give me some feedback on the action point set.

I will reply back with feedback and advice once a week (free for a limited time – don’t miss out!).


If you are struggling in identifying action points, tell me everything about yourself; your goals, your lifestyle, your struggles etc. This will allow me to  help you select some key relatable action points which will help you progress so easily.


You now have the key fundamentals in place to make steady, consistent progress to lose weight – all you need now is guidance on your journey.

This is why it is key that every day you email me your progress and how you are doing.


Let me guide you and help you stay on the right path.


Once I believe you are ready, we can move on to calculating calories and really start creating that unstoppable momentum – prove to me that you are capable and willing to get results.


Building Muscle


Honestly, building muscle is so easy – as long as you forget about it.


Building muscle is the longest thing ever, and that’s why thinking about it will just lead to us becoming demotivated as we are making no progress. Instead, let’s focus on getting stronger and heavier, as this leads to you getting bigger.


Again, the problem lies with consistency, so that is what we are going to focus on.


For the first week, if you have a gym membership, all I want you to do is get in the gym – that’s it.

Every day, just get yourself in the gym, you don’t have to do anything – you can chat to some girls then leave.


If you do not have a gym membership, I want you to do literally just do 5 pushups a day – It does not have to be in a row, just do 5 pushups.

You can do one in the morning, one at lunchtime, two in the afternoon, and one before you go to bed – or you can just do 5 in one go.


Again, email me how you do every single day at – this is KEY FOR SUCCESS.


Now for the next three weeks, if you have a gym membership, just keep on turning up for the next three weeks and have a laugh. That’s it.

If for some reason you cannot go to the gym on a particular day, then follow the no-gym method below on those days.


If you do not have access to a gym, then move on to doing 7 pushups a day in week two, 9 in week three, and 11 in week four – That’s it.

“But seriously Mike, are you having a laugh? This is honestly too easy…”


I know.


But do you know why this is so key? It builds character.

They key is to build that winning mentality of being consistent and disciplined, without even trying – this is how you achieve fitness success.


I will assess your progress and feedback over the 4 weeks, and may give you slightly more challenging tasks depending on how you are progressing.


The above is the bare minimum that you have to do.


If you do the above for the next month and email me every single day, you will be on the right track for success.


Remember, I’m doing this for free because I really want to help all of you out there – it is up to you to prove to yourself that you really want to make a change to your life.


Just follow out these extremely easy steps each day, and be consistent.


If you start making excuses about not being able to spend 1 minute writing down what you ate and sending a quick review to me; then you don’t want it enough.


If you want to make a change and need the guidance and help to do so, then join me now and work with me to transform your body and mind.


I look forward to hearing from you!




Got any questions? Email me at




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