Why you are not successful


From a young age, I always seemed to be good at things.




Because I had the discipline and motivation to practice.


It has always baffled me why others could not get as good grades as mine at school – was it because I was just smarter? No – all I did was study more.


When I did speak to friends or family as to why, they would just go ‘Mike, you’re just smart!’


I almost started to believe that… until a month ago.


What did I find out?


As you know UNIGAINS is still pretty young, only a few months old.


To start things off I figured I would start it with a bang and offer free complete personal training to anyone.


Not just a consultation or weekly review, but 24/7 help.


I scoured the fitness section in Reddit and contacted over 100 people who asked questions to the community; these were people that clearly needed help.


I offered these people to personally train them and over 15 of them said yes! 


I was so excited; finally, I would be able to help people, get some experience and build up my reputation! But…


Within 5 days 95% stopped replying.


I was shocked.


Free personal training was being offered. I even told them what my lifts were and showed my willingness to help them – there was no financial incentive on my part… yet people left before I could even put them on my program.


Admittedly, offering help on Reddit may not be the most credible source, however, I told them exactly what my lifts were and what I specialized in – would you turn down free training?


I never thought that people would… I guess I was wrong.


However, this taught me three very valuable lessons…


1. Most people lose the battle before it even starts.



At first I thought that people gave up as they saw no results after a while, however, what I’ve now found is that people are afraid to commit when they think they will lose.


The (very brief) clients that I had felt they could not achieve in the first place.


They could have had the most detailed and planned out diet & exercise routine which would transform their lives, but they would quit as they did not believe in themselves.


It just goes to show how much your mind influences fitness so much…


2. If your mind does not want to get results, NOTHING will help you.


That’s the sad, brutal truth.


If you do not have that winning mentality, then you will not achieve. Simple as that.


I see this in the gym all the time:


People are doing ridiculous things: quarter squats, the worst deadlift form I have ever seen in my life, and super-alternating-quadruple-drop sets… Yet they still get results.




They are consistent.

They believe they can get results, and work hard to achieve them.


A sub-optimal routine applied consistently is a kajillion times better than applying the best routine inconsistently – consistency is what separates the best from the average.


3. Price influences quality


Why do the most expensive packages tend to get the best results?


Our brains equate quality to price


This was described perfectly by Robert Cialdini in his book on influence.


He described how a tourist shop owner he knew was struggling to make some sales.


She was going away for a while, so she asked her assistant to slash the price in half so she could at least get some sales.


When she came back, her shop was cleared out, but the prices were doubled – her assistance mistook her note to double the prices instead of half them!


This shows how exactly the same product can be worth more simply due to it having a higher price tag.


This could be a potential reason as to why people did not follow through with my free personal training offer.


If I mentioned that the service would have been more expensive maybe a few more heads would have turned, and it would have helped people jumpstart their brains into thinking that they had a true opportunity which they simply could not miss.


However, I still believe that their failing mindset would have got the better of them.


Do you think your mindset is destined for failure?


How many times have you failed at achieving a goal?

Lacking motivation to work out?

Do you really want to get your act together and be more productive, but don’t know how?


If you have answered yes to one of these, then please contact me at mike@unigains so we can work on transforming your body and mind.


I want you to achieve, and that is why I will refund the first month if you do not get results.


I charge £40 a month for online body and mind coaching.


All I ask is for you to make this one commitment and sign up to this – you have absolutely nothing to lose.


I do not offer this for free anymore, as you need to physically commit yourself to train your mind to be successful.


Make this one commitment and set yourself up for success.




Got any questions? Email me at mike@unigains.com







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