The Best Way To Be Happy


So I was feeling a little bit down last Friday for numerous amounts of reasons:


-I was at work on a Friday at 8pm.
-I have a tax exam which requires stupid amounts of revision for.
-iM apparel sales have not been as high as I hoped.
-My website hasn’t grown as much as I hoped.
-I have had so many close business opportunities fall through.
-I have not been taking care of my body as well as I should have.


So yeah, those were reasons I was a bit of a grumpy boo.


Now, if I wanted to I could have let this turn into a grumpy weekend, a grumpy week, and a grumpy life – I could have built up on this by being annoyed that I had to study on the weekend, and given up on my website because it has not successful, and carry on being sad that I don’t look as good anymore.


Instead of doing all of the above, I did one thing which changed my mindset completely.


I walked up to the rooftop of my office building, stared at the london skyline, and just appreciated.


I took 10 minutes to just appreciate all the amazing things I had in my life:


1) The fact that I’m alive, fully-abled and well. People are struggling to survive every single day.

2) The fact that I have loving friends and family who truly take care of me and want me to achieve great things in life.

3) Being gifted with the ability to see everyone as equals and respect their own personal journey through life.

4) Being blessed with an amazing education and parents who placed me in an environment and helped guide me to strive to learn and progress.

5) The fact that I am in a job which will lead me to places that some dream of. Sure, this is not my end goal, but I am so greatful and blessed that the world has given me this opportunity.


Those 10 minutes changed my feelings from one of disappointed to one of gratefulness – it all stemmed from one thing:




When you appreciate everything you have, instead of everything you don’t, you start to realise that you have a lot to be thankful for in life – on a core level this helped give me a foundation on which true happiness is built on, and not simply by what we have on the outside.


Sure, I still have objectives which I want to achieve in life, but at no point should I let that make me feel down or sad; instead, appreciate the journey you have made so far and the fact that you have the ability to progressively work towards them.


There is a positive and negative to every event in life. Embrace the negatives, but appreciate and love all the positives that can come out of it.




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One thought on “The Best Way To Be Happy

  1. Hi Mike! I sure wish you were around to talk with my 37 yr old son. He is SO negative about EVERYTHING except his days off. I think he is of the belief that we are here just to have fun 24/7. I hope I didn’t do or say something wrong in raising him because I don’t believe that way. He is just so miserable most of the time, and no, I don’t think it’s clinical depression. Got any tips for me?

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