What To Do If You Are Bored In Life

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Do you feel like you’re in rut? Are you bored with your life or don’t know what to do with it?


On paper someone could have an amazing life but still be bored: you could have a successful job and loving friends and family, however without the two elements that I’m about to talk about today you may still feel like something is missing from your life.


So what are these elements?


Purpose and Progression


I believe we have a craving to progress and improve; look at how far we have come in just 50 years in the fields of technology and science for example – humans love progression.


Not becoming a better version of yourself leaves you feeling a bit empty – I believe this is why having a family and/or focusing time on a career are so important to people; it gives them something to live for and feel good about.


It makes sense especially when you think about it from this angle: when you’re on your deathbed and are looking back at your life do you think you will be prouder  the countless hours you spent watching TV and scrolling through Facebook, or your children?


If you are feeling in a bit of a rut, I urge you to ask yourself the question ‘am I doing something today which is going to better myself?


If you are not then find something! Pick something you think you will enjoy which requires self-improvement and progression and slowly work at it. Be sure not to dive in too fast as it will likely take up too much willpower and push you away. Instead, start very slow and aim to improve just a little bit each day – it will take willpower at first, but slowly you will start to fall in love with it.


Now, if you are doing something which is progressive, such as having a career which gets you qualifications and takes you somewhere, but you still feel like you’re in a rut, it may be worth asking yourself if you are enjoying what you are doing and whether it is giving you a purpose. For example, a teacher may have a lot less career progression than an investment banker but may feel more satisfied as she is making a difference to children’s lives, but at the same time a teacher may not feel satisfied either as she is not making much self-progression – it may be worth her taking up a skill such as learning the guitar.


You have to find what works for you to get a mixture of purpose and progression in your life; what works for you may not work for me so you have to experiment and try different things out.


For me, my source of purpose and progression are the following:


-InvincibleMentality: Growing and building this blog gives me a sense of progression as it increases in popularity and reaches out to more people, as well as a purpose as I know that I am actually helping people out – there is not a better feeling in the world for me.

-Fitness: Becoming fitter, stronger, and more athletic is progression in one of its purest senses for me, and it gives me such an internal core feeling of satisfaction each day.

-Other random things: Currently I’m learning to play the guitar, improving on my piano skills, and focusing on internal progression such as being more honest with myself and overcoming some of my fears – again these mini achievements each day just make me feel internally satisfied that I am achieving and progressing in life.


Closing thoughts:


I fundamentally believe that we need something to live for: we need something to work towards and strive to achieve, whether it may be internal (career progression, learning skills, fitness etc.) or external (helping people etc.) we need something which gives us something to look forward to each and every day.




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