What Direction Should You Take In Life?

what direction

How do you know what you’re doing is right?


Like, if you’re trying to achieve a certain goal, how do you know you’re going about it the right way?


You never truly know, and that is the most exciting yet fearful part of it.

I have spent more money than I’m proud to mention to get InvincibleMentality out there.
Have I been incredibly successful? On the surface, no, but behind the scenes I have learnt and incredible amount and have developed a solid foundation which I can use as a tool to still boost my brand and reach my goals.


The point is that you’ll likely never follow an efficient route, primarily because you likely do not know exactly what you want from what you’re doing – you often end up changing your path after you start it, resulting in you rarely ever taking the most efficient route – and that’s fine! As long as you keep walking.


Even if your external results may not be too great, you can develop so much internally from going on that journey – overcoming fear, pressure, anxiety, excitement, success, failure, all of it!


Take me for example: I’ve wasted money on adverts to wrong audiences and overpaid on websites, and wasted time trying different forms of building InvincibleMentality – am I annoyed that I made choices which turned out to be really inefficient? Yes! However at the time in my current state of mind it seemed like the best one, so I can’t fault myself. What I can do however, is appreciate that I won’t have the mindset and thought process that I have right now if it weren’t for this beautifully inefficient and occasionally-frustrating journey.


Whatever it is, you have got to start, because it truly does so much in helping you develop and gain a deeper appreciation of yourself and life.




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