How To Be Positive


I was feeling a bit down yesterday, because I have not been seeing too many results – I have put my heart and soul into InvincibleMentality, yet have not been too successful in terms of it being where I want it to be (i.e me living off it).


So yeah, I woke up feeling sad and had a straight disappointing look on my face on my way to work, until something happened – I remembered a funny moment I had with my mate.


This gave me a little self-chuckle, and made me realise to myself: ‘why the f*** am I looking at the negatives in a negative light? What positives does that bring?’


I then proceeded to just appreciate all the positives from my so-called failure – sure I haven’t made a full-time income from it, but I’ve helped a bunch of people and have made a difference to the world. I also have a moderately spread out fanbase which I can now use as foundation to carry on building and developing.


Apply this to your life – are you looking at the negative events in your life negatively or positively?


This change has such a powerful change on your life – instead of reinforcing self-limiting beliefs, you start to look at the positives, and what you can do to improve yourself and open yourself up to opportunities instead of closing doors.


Yes you can be sad and disappointed in yourself – it’s part of life! That being said, I do suggest you try to look at the positive side of these negative events instead of the negatives.




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