How To Solve Your Problems


So yesterday I watched a documentary about SAS soldiers who served in Iraq and Afghanistan – my jaw was constantly wide open.
They were telling stories of how they were held hostage with a gun to their head, and had a mob outside who literally wanted to tear them apart.


I want you to try something – think about the problems which have been troubling you recently. Thought about them? Good.


Now think about the intense short-term feeling of being completely helpless and at the verge of death, as well as the long-term trauma caused for the rest of your life from this, as well as other traumatic events that you would have to live with, such as taking a child’s life…


How serious do your problems feel now?


For most of us we realise that life could be a heck of a lot worse, and most of our issues are really not the end of the world… For example, losing your wallet, having a passport stolen, or failing a test – these are examples of the majority of events which can be overcome. Even though they may feel like the end of the world at the time, they are issues which can be overcome.

Next time you think you are in a position which feels like the end of the world, take a step back and appreciate that in 99% of cases it could be a heck of a lot worse – hopefully this will give you a little bit of fresh and help you calm your mind some more, so you can approach the problem with a more relaxed and open-minded approach.




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