How To Sacrifice


Sacrifice – the scariest thing in the world.


How much enjoyment do you really get out of scrolling through Facebook or Instagram? I mean we get a little smirk or chuckle here and there, but is there really any profound inner feeling of satisfaction? No.


Imagine just how good it would feel to work hard at a goal (weight loss, building a business) for years and see it finally pay off. I have experienced it with weight loss and strength-related goals, and the feeling is honestly truly incredible.


So why would we rather procrastinate than sacrifice this procrastination to work hard to reach our goals?


Most say it is due to ‘effort’, but I believe it’s something more fundamental – the fear of failure.


Who wants to dedicate their life to something that doesn’t pay off? The risk of giving it your all and losing money, time, and dignity is worse than doing nothing at all in a lot of people’s eyes – do you think like this?


It is completely understandable, however, is this belief hindering us?


If we spent the time literally doing nothing trying to make something worthwhile happening we are not losing anything! You don’t even have to spend money to achieve some goals, such as losing weight for example – it’s free yet the reward is so satisfying!


If you fail, so what? Nothing happens, apart from someone saying ‘I told you so’. You learn so much from every failure if looked at from a positive angle, which you can then use to get a head start on your next challenge; whether the same or different.


When you really look into sacrifice and realise just how little you are actually sacrificing, such as that 1 hour you literally spend mindlessly scrolling, or that £1 a day on advertisement which is not going to make you bankrupt, you allow yourself to live in a world of opportunity where you have the potential to achieve amazing things and reach deeper and more rewarding levels of satisfaction.




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