Why Am I Not Losing Weight?

why am i not losing weight

So many people try and fail to lose weight. Technically it is such a simple thing to do – eat less… However, so many people end up being unsuccessful.


Sure, using the wrong methods or going about it the wrong way can hinder progress, however, I believe there is a more fundamental reason.


You do not have a big enough ‘why’.


Why do you really want to lose weight? Why do you want to go for runs or lift weights?


A lot of the time ‘to get more fit’ is not a strong enough ‘why’ – in this day and age we barely have to exert energy, and not being a little fitter is not going to suddenly make your life a lot better. Is it really worth it to you to give up that lovely pizza and ice-cream and pasta!? For most of us it simply isn’t.


It is only when the issue gets critical e.g. Type 2 diabetes, health complications etc. when you see people make that critical change and are able to finally lose weight – not dying is often a very strong motive!


You also notice people make huge differences when they have children too as they want to see them grow up – these are all big enough ‘why’s which ignite an unstoppable fire.


For me, my ‘why’ was from a bad source; the inner desire to impress others and seeking approval.


However, now it stems from a sheer desire to become a better version of myself each day, which to be honest most likely stems from the fear of being average.. Good enough for me!


If you want to achieve your goals you have got to find a strong enough motive, otherwise there is simply not enough of a drive to pursue to when the going gets tough.


I suggest using the fear of being average as your ‘why’ – it has been working for me!


What drives you? Comment below.




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