Should You Work Out If You Are Tired?

 Posted on January 7, 2016

You tend to come across two sorts of opinions around this.. Typical mainstream magazines will definitely say that if you’re feeling under the weather you should have a pause from the gym, in order to let your body recover. On the other hand, you have Olympic coach John Broz who says you should get to the gym no matter how you’re feeling. The reason behind going to the gym even if you are feeling ill is because doing something is better than nothing. Even if you go and lift at half of what you are capable of, you are still putting … Continue reading Should You Work Out If You Are Tired?

The Simple Way To Fix Muscle Imbalances

 Posted on January 3, 2016
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Calm down, it’s fine. When you start off you’re going to have some muscle imbalances – It’s natural. For me it was because I used to play tennis, which led to my right arm, shoulder, and chest muscles becoming stronger than my left side. For other this may be due to simply writing in class and other activites which require one muscle more than the other, or having a bit too much alone time..(*cough*) When you get into lifting you will notice that the problem tends to fix itself to some extent, due to the fact that with most exercises … Continue reading The Simple Way To Fix Muscle Imbalances

Why the 30g Protein Per Serving Is Rubbish

 Posted on January 1, 2016

I’ve been getting asked this a lot, because the new ‘attack’ on protein is that ‘oh, you can only digest 30g at a time, so you should eat 5-6 meals a days blah blah blah’. From the reasearch that I have done, protein tends to be absorbed at a maximum rate of 10g/hr. Now, this implies that even 30g is too much.. or your bodies are able to store the excess protein when needed. I like to speak from experienes of myself and others, as well as a little bit of logic.. Think about this: You are a caveman. You have not … Continue reading Why the 30g Protein Per Serving Is Rubbish